Goodbye turntable, hello Showroom
Review and showcase entire lines of 3D assets in the cloud
Virtual environments help designers, marketers, and merchandisers create collaborative reviews, presentations, and directives.
Showroom Beta is now open!
Now inviting 3D designers and their web-based partners to revolutionize their product development process.
Bring your whole supply chain together in a web-based environment - no software required
Annotate, draw, share, and respond to notes on assets in 3D space
Assemble colorways, assortments, rails, and lines in your choice or arrangements and backgrounds
View assets from VStitcher, CLO, Maya, and more in the same scenes
Inspect assets in their true form with ray-traced accuracy in a variety of lightning environments
Manage access to your rooms and projects with your internal and external stakeholders
Showroom takes digital product development to the next level by connecting your collaborators and your assets in the same place, online.
Try for yourself
Seeing is Believing
Don’t waste another inch of fabric – Showroom eliminates the need for handmade samples during the design review process. Keeping designs digital lets the clothes that get made be the clothes that get worn.
Feedback is made instant and easy with Showroom. Notes attach themselves to garments in 3D space to never lose context, and cloud hosting means anyone, anywhere can join the conversation anytime.
Dynamic lighting and full 3D environments bring your garment to life. Don't settle for low quality turntable renders, let your clients see your garments as they would appear in real life, either on their own or as a part of a larger line.
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